PM’s visit: Billions of dollars worth of agreements reached with Chinese companies

Beijing: (ShaniPK) During Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to China, agreements worth billions of dollars were reached with Chinese companies.

A 4.5 billion investment agreement has been reached for steel recycling in Gwadar. China Missionary Engineering Corporation will set up a center to transfer agricultural technology. CMEC also showed interest in 2 lakh metric tons of LNG storage in Karachi.

50 million will be invested in agricultural technology and 500 500 million in LNG storage. Another Chinese company has signed several MoUs with Fuji Fertilizer. The Royal Group will invest 50 50 million in Buffalo Farm. The Royal Group also plans to invest 30 million in milk processing. Challenge Fashion bought another 100 acres for the Free Economic Zone at a cost of 250 250 million. This investment will increase exports by 400 million annually and create 20,000 jobs.

CRBC will invest 3.5 billion in partnership with Karachi Port Trust. The Karachi Coastal Development Zone will be established with the participation of both the groups. NewSoft Medical Systems will invest 30 30 million in artificial intelligence in the medical field. NewSoft plans to work on various projects at an additional cost of 170 170 million.

Hunan Sunwalk Construction Group will lay 100,000 km of fiber optics cable at a cost of 2 2 billion, Global Semiconductor Group will set up a Skills Development Center at a cost of 40 40 million, creating more than 100,000 jobs. Will come

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that India’s aggressive attitude is a threat to regional peace, the current Indian regime is causing long-term instability in the region.

The Prime Minister called on the heads and representatives of leading Chinese think tanks, universities and Pakistan Study Centers, and stressed the importance of Pak-China relations and ensuring regional stability and prosperity. Also thanked for the support.

The importance of Pak-China relations in ensuring regional stability and prosperity was also discussed during the meeting.

Imran Khan said that India’s aggressive attitude and Hindutva ideology are a threat to regional peace, the current Indian regime is causing long-term instability in the region, India’s continuous atrocities continue in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the world against Kashmiris. We must pay attention to the ongoing oppression of India.

Calling President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative important for the development of the region, the Prime Minister said that the first phase of C-Pac was focused on infrastructure development and connectivity, followed by industrialization, information technology cooperation and agricultural transformation. Attention will be paid to, Pakistan is providing huge incentives for investment, the world can not afford another Cold War in view of the numerous global challenges, Pakistan’s view is that cooperation in international politics instead of confrontation. It should be, Pakistan has acted as a bridge in the past and is ready to do so again.

Referring to the national security policy, the Prime Minister said that his government has given utmost importance to economic security, this vision is based on connectivity and development partnership for which Pak-China partnership is indispensable.

Stressing on the importance of Pakistan and China working together for peace and development in Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said that cooperation in ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan is in the mutual interest of Pakistan and China. Don’t be left alone in difficult times.