Today is the 35th anniversary of world renowned artist and calligrapher Sadiqin

Karachi: (ShaniPK) The 35th anniversary of renowned Pakistani painter and calligrapher Sadiqeen, who created unique masterpieces of painting by presenting them, is being celebrated today.

The painter, calligrapher and painter Syed Sadiqin Ahmad Naqvi was born in 1930 in Amroha, India. He spread his art in Asia, America, Britain, Europe and the Middle East. Sadiqin painted classical literature based on the poetry of Ghalib, Iqbal and Faiz while Islamic calligraphy was his distinguishing feature.

Samples of Sadiqin’s art are present in Faisal Masjid Islamabad, Frere Hall Karachi, Karachi National Museum, Lahore Museum, State Bank of Pakistan, while also adorned historical buildings and universities across the border and are present in the world’s leading museums.

The Government of Pakistan awarded Sadiqin the Star of Distinction and the Pride of Performance Award. Sadiqin died on February 10, 1987, while painting the roof of Frere Hall.