Introduction of hydrogen powered trains instead of diesel

Pollution-free travel methods are crucial in ensuring a sustainable future, and it is to this end that the world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train has begun operations.

The same hydrogen trains will run on an entire rail line in the German state of Lower Saxony from today.

According to foreign media, by the end of this year, all 15 diesel trains running on this railway line will be gradually replaced by environmentally friendly hydrogen trains.

The special feature of these trains is that they do not emit polluting gases and their running noise is also very low.

These trains can cover a distance of 1000 kilometers on just one tank of hydrogen and the maximum speed of these trains is 140 kilometers per hour.

The interesting thing here is that diesel can also be saved by using these trains where the work of 4.5 liters of diesel can be done with one kg of hydrogen.

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