Elon Musk gave another reason not to deal with Twitter

Elon Musk sent a termination letter to Twitter accusing the firm of not informing him of a multimillion-dollar payment he made to oust security chief Peter Zetko in June.

It should be noted that Pietro Zetko is the person who filed the complaint criticizing Twitter’s security.

Musk’s lawyers objected that Twitter did not get Musk’s consent before paying Zetco such a large sum, which led to the deal’s collapse.

Twitter disputed that, however.About a week ago, Twitter lawyer William Savitt said, “My friends seem to be arguing that Twitter should have unnecessarily told Musk that he fired his disgruntled ex-employee.” Diya who made several allegations against the company which were investigated and the allegations proved to be false.

Twitter has refrained from commenting on this new allegation by Elon Musk.

It should be noted that in his termination letter, Elon Musk said that he was terminating his contract with Twitter because he was misled about the large number of bot accounts on the platform.

However, such allegations were also rejected by Twitter.

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